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When one speaks of ‘body, mind and soul’ they are ‘unknowingly’ referring to the ‘false self’ in each instance. There ‘is’ nothing but the SELF … the notion that there are different entities that ‘something’ called ‘me/my/mine’ somehow ‘has’ … points to four different beings [me and body, mind and soul]. It often goes on to speak about ONE or ONE-ness but even in that ‘obvious contradiction’ refers to being ONE ‘with’ God rather than ONE ‘as’ God, which accurately depicts ‘ONE-ness’.

This is how the false self ‘insidiously’ validates the illusion of separation while professing its belief in ONE-ness. It is simply a long leash that seems to suggest YOU [the God YOU Are] are Free of its bondage. It is necessary to be ‘consistently vigilant’, in order to be Aware of the ‘subtle tricks’ accepted casually by most of humanity as reality and for Truth to be ‘consciously’ present in your experience.

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