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The illusion of control pervades the grand dream – everywhere. And yet in an instant centuries old structures can be swept away just as can long standing corporate empires, governments, perfectly sculpted bodies and a myriad of other physical manifestations. Ideologies are no less vulnerable … beliefs that dominated humanity for thousands of years are now unheard of.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” [ACIM]

Herein lies the fallacy of control laid bare by this simple understanding. And when this understanding dawns on the Sleeping Beauty God-SELF, a giant burden is laid down and the first glimmer of Awakening begins. Eventually, LIFE is recognized as benign … the Heart of Love and Compassion, always and inevitably leading the imprisoned God-SELF Home. Then ‘Life Lives You’ and everything that is Perfect for you in each moment simply shows up effortlessly. This is Real Life, available to ALL, triggered by your ever present YES to ‘What Is’.

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