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The universe-world is a Grand Dream and creating [making-up new dreams] within it is a simple process. It involves an INTENTION [a goal, target or objective], which is given ATTENTION [focused and persistent], surrounded by PASSION [Love of the intention]. EVERYTHING that comes and goes in this great illusion comes from these 3 things. What shows up in one’s experience however, is ‘filtered’ through their conditioning and as such is ‘colored/tainted’ by it. Only the fully Free create unblemished dreams [remember … all of it is still a dream].

A common aspect of dream creating is to refer to everything in the possessive manner. My dream/goal/objective. This is due to the belief in separation. This same delusion speaks of ‘my ego’ or ‘my higher self’ as if they are apart from but connected to someone called ‘me’. This false self ‘me’ IS the ego and this so-called higher self IS the Real YOU … NOT something this illusory ‘me’ has.

When the Real YOU creates dreams IT ‘knows’ IT is manifesting on the screen of Consciousness ‘within’ IT SELF … like a finger of a hand, there is no separation. Every so-called thing created is therefore ‘I AM’ NOT ‘I have’. The distinction is vastly different. It is the Awareness ‘of’ IT SELF ‘as’ All That Is.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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Love this John! Thank you AGAIN! ;)

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