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For most of humanity, death is a mystery … the most feared experience [or idea]. For some, usually with a little exposure to spirituality, it is also a gateway to another life … either one that leads to some kind of heaven or hell if they have ties to religion or, to a temporary ethereal life [hopefully bliss-filled] before re-entering another body, which eventually after many such re-births will lead them [they hope] to the full Awareness or Freedom of a sage [by any name].

Both of these very popular concepts are dreams within the Grand Dream that the world/universe is … and, WILL be experienced ‘because’ of the belief in them. Nevertheless, they are NOT real.

There ‘is’ no death except that of the personal identity called ‘me’ or ‘personhood’ and even that is not real since it too is a dream. The body is an illusory manifestation made up of the shroud of conditioned thoughts surrounding [imprisoning] the SELF … the slumbering God-SELF in that state. The mind-identity is also fabricated from this conditioning and generates a pre-determined ‘destiny’ for each dream-incarnation. When one arrives at the genuine understanding of this phenomena their only focus ‘eventually’ becomes the desolation of this false-self-identity … [death of it] … and this ‘is’ what is really feared well beneath the conscious awareness of most of humanity – being nothing.

When this false self dies all that remains ‘is’ the SELF … its that simple. No growth toward some utopian reality occurs … YOU … this SELF [Perfection], ever-Present is revealed. This, may be referred to as Freedom, Self Realization or what you will … IT has NEVER not been … IT ‘is’ All That Is … and it ‘is’ the Real YOU.


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