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There are no deep thoughts or profound ideas … both are aspects of the ‘dream’ of a separated personal identity. The origin of this individual self is the mind, which will always draw attention to its false reality through evidence of what it calls its ‘creations or co-creations’. It doesn’t matter if they are so called good or bad … the mind’s only motive is to remain alive as ‘you’. The ‘mind’ creates ‘nothing’ since what is born and dies has no real existence any more than a night-time dream. Everything the mind ‘creates’ is make-believe.

When you begin to withdraw ATTENTION from this fantasy, it is common to begin to have feelings of lightness and euphoria as the weight, responsibility and attachments associated with the grand dream fall away. This does not mean you immediately abandon your current life [although some do as I did] … it means you no longer take Life so seriously. This is what it means ‘to enter heaven as a child’. The innocence and simplicity of a child overtakes you when the enormous serious-ness of the grand dream is released. This is another way of describing ‘emptiness’, perhaps the most blessed state of Awareness there is prior to Self Realization.

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