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-When the guidelines for living dayto day blur,

-When who and what to trust is unknown,

-When all safety-nets once relied upon have disappeared,

-When everywhere you turn fear grips your heart,

… a deeper surrender to the Truth beckons.

The mind - the engine of the false self has fabricated a world dream that has seemed relatively stable even with its countless frailties, but ultimately, like a house of cards that has reached the zenith of its possible expansion, it collapses … and quickly. That moment has arrived.

It is a moment when the ‘illusion’ so casually accepted as reality is seen-through and ‘nothing’ appears beyond. To step into this Divine opportunity requires a deeper surrender, which leads to the inevitable end of dreaming. It is the greatest fear of all since it is the death of the illusory control of a ‘personal identity’, but in that surrender ALL that is for your highest Purpose ‘is’ provided as your weary heart soon slips gently in the Loving arms of the ‘real’ SELF You Are.

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