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As the Great SHIFT of Consciousness unfolds ever more quickly with dramatic twists and turns on the world stage that jerk the head from side to side in an attempt to keep up, many have reached a moment where what is being revealed is ‘just too much’ and DENIAL sets in. Losing one’s mind is a prerequisite for total Surrender since the mind is the false self that usurped the throne of Truth that belongs to the Heart. Those that cannot accept the intense heat of the fire that burns away who you are NOT, instead choose to bury their heads in the sand.

When the comfort zone of the dream narrative is disturbed ‘too much’ … even if that hypnotic state is itself often very chaotic and confusing, the devil that is ‘known’ is often chosen over the UNKNOWN. Many are now at that line in the sand and despite the overwhelming evidence [remembering we are speaking of in-the-dream-facts] that what the world story has seemed to be … is NOT true, the mind can often not even look at it let alone accept it.

Nevertheless, ‘All Is Well’. Those who are supposed to shift into the first level of Awakening … WILL find there way and those who are not … have eternity to be Free.


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