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Within the Grand Dream it ‘seems like’ there is such a thing as ‘free will’ but that too is just a dream within a dream. Everything that is going to happen in a given lifetime was orchestrated to occur due to ‘part of’ your ‘conditioning/karma’ that is here to be resolved … not balanced, since that suggests more karma … but dissolved back into the nothing-ness of the ONE SELF.

All manifestations within the Grand Dream that seem to have emanated ‘from’ individuals [false selves] are already destined to show up and the concept that they are so called ‘personal’ ideas or inspirations is an illusion. There ‘are’ no persons, no individuals, no unique ideas … only predestination oriented to the Freedom of the sleeping God-SELF.

When the ONE SELF has Realized the IT SELF and returned to this Awareness in an unbroken flow, there are no agendas about what to do, where to go, what to manifest … nothing. There is simply an harmonic resonance as an individuated SELF [yet still ONE] occupying a body flowing with the Divine WILL in whatever way is required in the moment. IT acts or does not act according to that seamless unicity with the ONE IT ‘is’. What is to BE … simply shows up.

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