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There is nothing that is NOT ‘YOU’. This simple Awareness, when it is total … ‘is’ Freedom. Mentally, many can say they understand this and yet still refer to most everything as being ‘outside’. To say that God is ‘IN’ you or that you are ‘IN’ God is NOT True. YOU ARE GOD ... and everything is ‘IN’ YOU. There is nothing but God or ONE and ONE is always ONE and never somehow ‘more’ than ONE. The appearance of ‘many’ is an illusion … God playing with IT SELF through the grand dream of separation. Everything that ‘appears’ is only an illusionary projection within the God You Are … the ONE You Are.

However, when your Attention ‘strays’ toward these projections and identifies with them, immediately there ‘seems’ to be ‘you’ and ‘others’, and that is where all the challenges you experience begin. Soon it’s the only thing you experience … you as a tiny, limited entity in a vast universe of ‘others’, and that is when fear sets in. This enormous tapestry is also a ‘mirror’ and reflects this fear back to you in the form of anger, hatred, hostility and chaos, which also seems somehow ‘outside’ you. A universe of seemingly dangerous possibilities then seems to exist. This is the world most experience at the moment … yet none of it True.

The road home can seem “long and winding” with many pitfalls. Nevertheless, if you choose, it WILL bring you HOME lightning fast by simply placing your undivided Attention on the ONE You Are. Then Freedom will ‘stalk’ you every moment and soon ‘devour you in the ‘Truth’ through ITs all-encompassing and Loving embrace.

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