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Nothing occurs in the Grand Dream that is not oriented toward drawing the slumbering God-SELF You Are … back HOME to the full Awareness of Who You Really Are.

Deep and shared suffering is the most potent influence in this regard because it brings the fragmented aspects of the SELF ‘together’ generating a ‘feeling’ of One-ness [if only temporarily]. Nevertheless, it is the natural ‘urge’ of the separated mind to speak of victims, an illusion which emanates from the belief in separation. However, what has sprung from the collective conditioning of humanity ‘will’ always find an ‘outlet’ … from this there is no escape … whether it is events such as epidemics, tsunamis, fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, genocide, financial collapse or a host of other ‘often globally related’ events. The SELF uses these ‘inevitable’ events to gain the ‘Attention’ of those sleeping aspects of IT SELF who are ‘OPEN” to Truth … and this can only be found within, the door of which is ‘humility’ and ‘surrender’.

Of course, extend compassion and If you are drawn to assist in some way and have the opportunity … certainly take physical action, however the greatest offering you can make is to place your ATTENTION on the ‘inner work’ that is taking place for ‘ALL’ … beyond the mind’s comprehension - that ‘endurance and open-hearted-ness’ may pervade to ‘discover’ the SELF through these momentary and intense challenges.

A #1 AMAZON - NEW RELEASE in 45-Minute read

"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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