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Attention and passion brings about manifestation … when these are ‘withdrawn’ from anything, the experience ‘of’ it fades and dissolves. Everyone has had this experience without consciously being aware of it. An advertising campaign that drew your attention toward a product or service when taken down leads one’s attention and experience to wither on the vine unless it has succeeded in manifesting a fad or trend. Ancient history is forgotten if word of mouth or written descriptions cease … as if it never happened.

The massive Attention and Passion being given to dramatic events now unfolding is fueling the continuation ‘of’ them … in your unique world. For some, these events are virtually unknown because little or no attention or awareness of these events exists for them. Their world is totally different in that regard. If one’s attention is given to a specific ‘version’ of these events, their world and subsequent behaviour aligns with that focus and seems ‘very’ real.

This is how the Grand Dream shows up the way it does … similar in many ways for all but significantly different for others with the accompanying dramas, conflict, chaos and confusion matching those scenarios. When you become a ‘witness’ from the audience of these made-up manifestations, they begin to lose their power to molest you. This is the beginning of REAL Awareness.


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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