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Without the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free, you will waffle between moments of passionate commitment to Truth and the seduction of distractions, sedations and running. The Grand Dream has endless enticements to shift your Attention away from the Freedom You Really Are and unless you are completely ‘fed-up’ with the great illusion, you WILL always be pulled away from your return- HOME-focus.

There is no fault here … no right or wrong, we as Consciousness ‘made-up’ this world/universe to ‘actualize’ or ‘know’ our SELF and to ‘savor’ contrast … impossible ‘without’ the dream-world based on the belief in separation. The suffering arises when ‘attachment’ occurs to anything ‘in’ the Grand Dream. When one is Truly Free, they are able to navigate the dream without being molested ‘by’ it … IN the dream but not OF it.

And yet the play is at first more enjoyable in the delusional state of un-awareness of the ONE SELF You Are. It is not until you have experienced every type of dream phenomena through things and circumstances that the suffering of the happiness-sorrow roller coaster becomes ‘too high a price’ to pay for the stimulation of all the distractions and sedations and running and you turn inward with the total surrender cry … “I choose Freedom NO MATTER WHAT”.

-Image by Solveig Larsen

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