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When the false self lingers in the Grand Dream [mildly miserable - ACIM], it dances with the ups and downs trying to ‘control’ them while fear simmers always beneath the surface. The many seductions of the dream still hold sway over the slumbering God-SELF and any interference with this bitter-sweet existence is resisted … often aggressively. The world ‘mirror’ is currently reflecting many versions of the darkest disguises the SELF has worn in stark contrast to the Light IT ‘is’.

Many are being severely shaken by the blessing of these revelations and turning within, but a small percentage remain in ‘deep denial’ that anything but a brief downturn in world conditions exists. The concept that the world is an illusion is preposterous to them at best. No amount of persuasion can budge them from their entrenched hypnosis. It is a stage laden with martyrs. But it is ‘not your purpose’ to fix them or the world. Now is the moment when a ‘giant’ window of opportunity has opened where a quantum SHIFT toward the Awareness of Who You Really Are is possible. That ‘is’ your ‘only’ Real Purpose until it occurs

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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