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Most communication with God [the SELF] is underpinned with the basic acceptance that ‘you’ and IT are separate and in this passive acquiescence the illusion ‘of’ separation is fostered in one’s experience keeping them firmly tethered to the Grand Dream. To say: “There ‘is’ only ONE” [the SELF] is easy enough to declare but very difficult to experience while one has this ‘me and God’ belief.

The desolation of the individual-false-self-body-mind-identity is required before this delusion disappears completely. In whatever way you may pursue this [“Who am I” being the direct route] … the way you communicate with the God YOU Are will help expand or delay the full Awareness of this Truth. Here are two examples of the same concept to illustrate the difference:

“Please God, give me the words that will help me share the Truth with humanity”. This sounds very humble and sincere and yet it suggests the possibility that the ‘prayer’ [in this case] has a chance of NOT being answered … and, by an ‘outside’ authority.

“I thank YOU Great Spirit ‘I AM’ that YOU always provide the Perfect communication in each moment to bring YOU Home ‘to’ YOU.” There is no hint of separation in this ‘declaration’ but a total surrender to the wisdom of the God YOU Are … that ‘ALL’ is always in Perfect Harmony.


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