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As the collapsing dysfunctional Patriarchy quickly proceeds around the planet, the influence of the Divine Feminine energy is expanding. It is a constantly recurring phenomena in the grand dream. ‘Within’ this dream there seems to be a universe containing countless galaxies with swirling patterns that repeat over and over. This macrocosmic spectacle is duplicated microcosmically within every physical form including our bodies … each unique – yet ONE.

As long as the dream exists there is separation, without which manifestation cannot occur … a ‘from here to there’ requirement. Currently, our planet is ending a cycle of Divine Masculine dominance, which replaced an equally dysfunctional Divine Feminine Matriarchy after a brief phase of Balance [all thousands of years in clock time] … another of which we are Now rapidly moving into. This repeats over and over within the grand dream. It is very easy to get caught up in the drama of these Shifts as they unfold and lose sight of the only Real Purpose we have here … which is to Awaken fully ‘from’ the dream.

The fix-it Passion is very common among both spiritually oriented people and deep sleepers … nevertheless, if that is currently where your Joy is … then for Now that is where you belong.

Freedom however, lies beyond ALL concepts of attempting to remedy what is predestined, which applies to ALL that still sleep to Reality. When one places their undivided attention on their own Liberation, they do more for humanity than all the well intentioned ‘fixing’ concepts put together.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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