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When some catastrophe or life-threatening illness is averted many will say that there is a judging God somewhere ‘out there’ who lifts burdens from some and allows others to suffer. However, the God You Are [SELF] does NOT tamper with the Grand Dream or the little ‘personal dream-dramas’ within it that humanity ‘seems’ to be experiencing. The conditioning one came in with designs every minute aspect of your destiny as does the collective conditioning experience of humanity, which provides the ’backdrop’ for the world-dream.

It is only when one steps off the wheel of conditioning/karma in full Awareness of the SELF They Really Are that that this destiny ceases to govern the zig-zag experience of the SELF in that body and allows for a ‘direct-route Home to Truth. Even then, the body has its own destiny, but the slumbering God-SELF no longer attempts to interfere as it did while IT was ‘trapped’ in the many masks of a personal identity nor is IT molested by it [pain yes, but suffering no].

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