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I have ‘not’ said that a Guru is ‘not’ necessary … but a Guru need not always be in human form.” – Ramana

The SELF [God – the Real YOU] ‘is’ the guru. IT may and often has been in a physical form for many who have chosen the pathless-path to Freedom – the full Awareness of YOU ‘as’ the SELF. However, depending on your ‘readiness’ [work done (so called) in other lifetimes] a physical guru may not be necessary. During the Great SHIFT [now fully underway], as the dysfunctional masculine patriarchy collapses into a ‘neutral’ phase of Balance, there are many incarnated and those to come who will have ‘direct contact’ with the guru within.

This may take on the feeling or even vision of some great sage(s) of the past, but this is simply a specific ‘signature’ of the ONE SELF. Just as Light shone through a prism shines through the other side as a rainbow of different colors, the SELF shines through an infinite pallet of unique influences perfectly suited to whomever requires one or more of those unique identities while still remaining ONE.

Whether an outer and/or an inner guru is required to bring you over the bridge into the Freedom YOU Are is NOT your concern. Your sincere and dedicated surrender ‘to’ your Freedom is all that is needed … the Grace of the guru-SELF will show up precisely as required.


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