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Consciousness does NOT ‘evolve’. Consciousness simply IS. IT is Who YOU Are and ‘never’ changes. Awareness ‘of’ Who You Really Are EXPANDS as the conditioning that veils Consciousness dissolves but IT/YOU are ‘always’ ONE and ONE has NO ‘parts’ that are lessor or greater.

The spiritual community is awash with a plethora of levels, dimensions, activations from here to there, mind dynamics as well as all manner of ‘helpers’ who can perform endless magical and mystical maneuvers to help you achieve these so-called higher levels of Consciousness ...all are aspects of the Grand Dream. For some, this long and arduous circuitous route to Freedom is necessary in order to recognize that ... that it is NOT necessary

Nevertheless, if it resonates … your Freedom is Simple … find out who you are NOT and what remains is the Real YOU.


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