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“Don’t worry - be happy” sounds wonderful … on the surface. This requires intense focused thought since what caused the fear and misery continues to exist in the dream world. It takes continuous effort and can be enhanced by a multitude of devices, gimmicks and mental gymnastics [including visualization and affirmations] designed to keep your attention on happy, worry-free thinking. Nevertheless, in the background the ‘issues’ that manifested the need for this enormous effort - will persist.

The Grand Dream, in which this illusory ‘me’ who is suffering, seems to exist, waffles between happiness and sorrow, since it is built upon the foundation of ‘contrast’ - the offspring of the belief in separation. The only ‘way’ [way-less-way] to to solve this puzzle is to Awaken ‘from’ the dream in which it is occurring. JOY is a ‘flatline’ that is ever-Present while the oscillating play of happiness and sorrow drones on. It is WHO You Really Are and sits Free and aloof from the play of opposites in the balcony of ‘witnessing’. It is this Real YOU ‘on which’ to place Attention … this will EXPAND the Awareness of the ONE SELF You Are …

Who is Free of the ‘influence’ of the ups and downs of the dream.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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