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Discomfort is a trigger … a silent but powerful voice from within pointing toward a cloud that is blocking the Light you are from your Awareness. When these uncomfortable triggers show up, they are unmistakable because your attention is required. Be assured when something is ready to be seen and felt it will NOT go away but keep showing up in different ways until you respond and dive into the discomfort.

It’s not about the story or circumstance but the cloud or block [the conditioning] beneath the drama. Let’s say you have had a major falling out with someone but now you need to get something important from them that you left behind. Within that potential ‘confrontation’ the opportunity to look deeply at some hidden conditioning within is offered. The false self [always laden with fear] will look for ways to avoid the ‘discomfort’ if possible or put it off indefinitely. However, what lies beneath ‘is’ ready to be FELT and transformed and Life [the God-SELF] will send you more and more difficult triggers that cannot be ignored in order to get your attention and look at what you are avoiding.

As the Truth of Who You Really Are expands in your Awareness the clouds of conditioning you may attempt to ‘put off’ will show up more frequently as triggers in as many ways as are necessary until you dive into the discomfort of them. Be assured the God You Are ‘always’ has your highest good tied to its inner guidance.

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