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There comes a point where each one recognizes that they have the ability to manifest their own world experience. This is a simple so-called ‘process’ involving: ‘Intentions’, ‘Attention’ [focus] and ‘Passion’. Some refer to this as ‘making dreams come true’. I learned about this at age 20 and by my mid 40’s had manifested virtually everything one could wish for in terms of worldly desires that most call ‘reality’. This meant that ‘I’ had consciously chosen ‘what’ I wanted and went about manifesting ‘all’ of it. It was a profound blessing … NOT because I ‘had’ everything but because I realized it had NOT brought ‘me’ real Peace and Joy … nor, I also saw, could adding ‘more’ - accomplish that - [for anyone].

This disappointment ended my delusions about Real Life being an ‘outside’ experience. Shortly there afterwards I surrendered it ‘all’ and fell empty handed into the arms of the Unknown, which allowed ‘all’ future manifestations to be totally directed by IT. Within 14 years of that choice the one called ‘me’ died and the ONE SELF was revealed as the ‘one’ and only Reality. This is the ultimate destiny for all, and for many, during the Great SHIFT now occurring, this pathless-path ‘has’ been entered.



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Lisa Hoffmeister
Lisa Hoffmeister
Jul 01, 2021

Your poetic way of explaining a complex concept is beautiful and really elevates my understanding. Thank you for being You with Your unique art of communication.

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