The mind [false self] relentlessly seeks knowledge in its blind attempt to ‘control’ the illusory existence of the body-mind-identity its calls ‘me’. It acquires so-called facts then analyzes, computes, calibrates, synthesizes and eliminates details finally arriving at conclusions of how things work. From psychoanalysis to science this ever-changing kaleidoscope occupies most of its attention ‘distracting’ the Real YOU, slumbering in its cage of conditioning, from focusing on Freedom. The social structure of the bondage most call ‘living’ warps around this quest touching every facet of this delusion.

‘Empty’ is YOUR Real Home. The mind cannot comprehend how Reality can be empty and yet wanting for nothing - Complete/Whole. It is not until one surrenders the iron-grip of the mind to this ‘emptiness’ that IT undresses its secrets, always hidden in plain sight. It is this “dying before you die” - the death of a personal identity that is required before the grandeur of Emptiness can be understood.