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Emptiness is the absence of mind, which arises due to thought. Most spiritual practices, including meditations and breath control focus ultimately on stilling the mind. In this way what remains, what is always ‘Present’ … God, Consciousness, I AM, ONE [and other names for Truth], is revealed. Self Inquiry is the pre-eminent ‘way’ to end the tyranny of the mind by isolating it through the ‘Who am I?’ practice, which causes it to withdraw back into the SELF and dissolve.

This could be called ‘stepping off the wheel of conditioning/karma’ rather than the fruitless and endless attempt to balance it. Whatever spiritual modality resonates with you in the moment eventually leads to Self Inquiry and quickly [relatively speaking] brings about the discovery of Who You Really Are. However, the more you are able to ‘still the mind’ [become ‘one-pointed’] the more easily Self Inquiry will come to you when you chose to use it.

A very effective visualization/mantra technique for becoming proficient at ‘stilling the mind’ I call: ‘The Empty Stage’ or ‘Blank Screen’, whichever you prefer. It simply involves visualizing either an empty stage or a blank screen [an often-used metaphor for Consciousness] while repeating the words: ‘Empty stage or blank screen’. While that image is present, it funnels all other thoughts into emptiness. This can be ‘done’ anywhere, anytime whatever you are involved in. It only takes seconds and strengthens your Self Inquiry ‘end of dreaming’ focus.

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