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2021 has been a high drama pivotal year through a very narrow gateway that leaves the dysfunctional patriarchy behind with the way forward very much ‘unknown’. Our planet [indeed our entire solar system] has fully entered an era of Peace and Light where the Divine Masculine and Feminine will experience ‘relative’ balance … the closest that is possible in the Grand Dream of genuine Peace - your natural state.

The coming months and year will very clearly illustrate the collapse of what has held humanity hostage for hundreds of years, and this will stand out in stark contrast to the world most have believed was their reality. Great happiness, ‘initially blended’ with deep shock will shake many to the core of their ancient delusions, For some this will open them up for a breakthrough into the Heart of Truth - the ONE SELF. For most however, it will simply exchange a dark dream for a Happy Dream [but still a dream].

However you experience the Great SHIFT now occurring … be assured - ALL IS WELL and your dream experience WILL fade into a Beauty you may never have imagined before.

I invite you to ‘dive into’ these lofty days that every year open most up to a window where they can ‘behave’ as they would like to ‘always’ behave were it not for the conditioning that dominates every facet of one’s life experience.

My Love and my Light I extend to you ‘as’ the ONE SELF You Are - I AM.


“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

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