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The illusion of control is one of the most insidious and pervasive aspects of the world-dream the false self believes is reality. Manifested out of the belief in separation, the world is an unending ocean of contrasts, conflicts and confusion. For the false-self-identity this produces a constantly simmering ‘stew’ of fear, that in turn manifests for ‘some’ as a very ‘subtle’ constantly nagging anxiety hidden deep beneath many layers of attempted control. For ‘most’ however, it shows up in an overt way - spiking frequently, particularly during profound phases of ‘change’ such as now during the Great SHIFT into an era of Peace and Light. These dramatic eruptions of fear are ‘acted-out’ as outbursts of anger and rage mingled together with debilitating illnesses and so-called ‘frequent’ accidents.

Some ‘few’ go to their knees - not ‘giving up’ but ‘giving in’ [surrendering] to the Voice of Silence [by any name]. This appears as a loss of or relinquishment of ‘control’, but it is really an unconscious opening and surrender to Truth [usually after long endured suffering]. This is vulnerability and it ‘is’ Pure Power - not ‘for’ the false self but ‘of’ the ONE SELF. It is handing Life and its every detail back to the SELF Who ‘knows’ every Perfect response to whatever is occurring in the Grand Dream.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

[soft cover - eBook and audio versions]

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