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During the intense transformational ‘Shift’ now occurring, the cycles which ‘steer’ you into deeper and deeper Awareness of Who You Really Are can often end abruptly. The more ‘open’ you are to these endings the easier the transition to the next cycle will be. These endings tend to be more dramatic [as the false-self-mind sees it] as things which may have been [seemed] entrenched in your life experience suddenly break loose. Nothing in the Grand Dream is ‘attached’ to the Real YOU but depending on what your remaining conditioning contains, there may be some things or experiences that ‘feel’ very much a part of what you have become used to calling ‘reality’.

Nothing in the Grand Dream is ‘real’ and what has come WILL go when its use is finished. This does not mean that you should resist the ‘feelings’ of loss and perhaps act them out … simply watch from the audience as a witness how the false self reacts and know that that too is NOT ‘You’. As much as possible, allow Life to Live you as it swings you from one cycle to another ‘dissolving your belief in separation’. All that leaves would be an impediment to your next step on the pathless-path to your Freedom, which has never left you. In Truth, even these cycles are dreams within the Grand Dream from which you are Now Awakening.

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