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As another era of Peace and Light unfolds, the desolation of the dysfunctional masculine patriarchy continues and with it the normal chaos, conflict and confusion that alway results when an ancient dream collapses [clinging to its existence as it does]. While this has been going on for decades the ‘overt’ and ‘blatant’ experience of it for most of humanity has only been very recent … for most, only these last 2 years. It is in the nature of the false self [body-mind-identity] to crave a comfortable, safe, secure and cozy existence and ‘resistance’ to anything that significantly disturbs that ‘increases’ as the tension of the collapse expands … as it has for most, these last few months.

Resistance to ‘What Is’ turns pain into suffering and as a result ‘endurance’ becomes weaker and weaker. While this resistance ‘feels’ normal … it is NOT.

Surrender is the key to endurance.

The pain of experience may not diminish [although that too is possible] but the suffering will definitely reduce or end altogether. When one’s Awareness becomes expansive enough, suffering is recognized as a symptom of the belief in ‘vicitims’, which in turn arises due to the belief in separation. It is not possible to have victims in ONE-ness since there is no hierarchy present. Such is the simple ‘knowing’ that is ever-Present with the full awareness of the ONE SELF.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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