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Freedom, the Truth of Who You Really Are, is not found through the mind and its endless wanderings, its cacophony of noises, its concepts, its historical quotes, its certainties that are every-changing. Its restlessness is never ending, its angst ever brooding, its fleeting sorrows and vignettes of happiness slowly grinding away at any hope it has of finding, finding, finding that something that will give it rest … some semblance of peace – “whatever ‘that’ is” it wonders.

Freedom lies in ‘and’ around Silence. IT is everywhere and nowhere – yet Present. IT is not even found but revealed as ever-Present, seemingly hidden but never lost and always available NOW. It is the mind that hides Freedom from itself with its insistence that IT must be far away and impossibly difficult to attain. But Silence exposes this lie allowing no distraction to disturb ITs simple Stillness.

Silence is daunting to the mind that must always have company, unable to endure being alone, unable to dive beneath the frothy waves of limitation, littleness and the superficial comings and goings of ephemeral living. Silence is content to be alone, IT embraces it allowing emptiness to simply BE. Eternity lies in emptiness, Peace bathes in the Light of nothing-ness and all potential lies sleeping there, waiting for the theater of dreams to dance the dance of fleeting things and play again the infinite parts of All That Is.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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