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It is ‘conditioning’ [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)] that manifests everything, originating with the belief in separation … without which the ONE SELF, Who is indivisible, could not ‘appear’ as many, which is an illusion or dream. Thought projects through the filters of conditioning onto the screen of Consciousness [the ONE SELF] and a totally believable holographic world-universe that is unique to ‘you’ [the false-self-body-mind-identity called ‘me’] manifests.

Depending on the intensity and scope [intention, passion and focus] of conditioning, manifestation may be instantaneous or take many years to appear. Collective conditioning [what some call: “what goes around - comes around”] may even take centuries to come about [remembering that time and space is also an illusion based on the separation belief]. This means there is a ‘season’ for the fruition of conditioning [some call karma] to show up. This ‘season’ is precise and cannot be altered once the ‘die is cast’.

Humanity is witnessing in real time the manifestation of an ancient conditioning that is appearing as the collapse of a patriarchal era and the ushering in of an age of Peace and Light. Nothing … NOTHING can prevent this from playing out. Take Heart in this Knowing.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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