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-The beggar on the street,

-The bright colors of spring flowers and fall leaves,

-The heart ache of loss through death,

-The sweet warbling song of birds,

-The agony of chronic illness,

-The smiles and laughter for no reason,

-The anguish of poverty,

… endless scenarios that tear the mind, emotions and body through the full arc of the pendulum of possibilities … ALL are for YOU, for the YOU that ‘is’ the SELF you have forgotten.

Like a ragdoll thrown violently back and forth, the tormenting feelings of losing your mind at any moment through the wild swing of events for which you have no control - ceaselessly molest. The universal ‘conductor’ orchestrates your every moment with one Purpose … to reveal the real YOU to YOU. When the mind no longer interferes and finally surrender follows the loss of every illusion, every dream and every fantasy, the phantom clouds of deception that have defined this fiction called ‘me’ dissolve and the magnificent Beauty that is YOU is revealed.

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