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There ‘is’ nothing ‘out there’ …

-no God

-no universe

-no angels, masters or higher beings

-no heaven

-no after-life

… nothing

The God YOU Are [SELF] is also known as Consciousness. IT is ALL pervasive, boundless, infinite, timeless. It is Empty Nothing-ness but potentially All That Is. Silence or Stillness or Now is another way of speaking about this Empty state of Awareness [its not about quietness or time]. There ‘is’ only ONE Consciousness and ‘all’ that ‘seems’ to be is a temporary projection within IT. The personal identity known as you, humanity, the planet, the universe and everything that ‘seems’ to happen within these are also just projections within the ONE/YOU Are.

YOU do not ‘have’ a higher self, a soul, spirit guides, a God somewhere out there [which would indicate separation] … these are props on a stage, ideas projected on the screen of Consciousness that can be useful ‘crumbs’ on the illusory path out-of the Grand Dream YOU as God manifested to play in and Know Your SELF.



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