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The Grand Dream [the universe/world/person] is like a plastic substance and is ‘completely mouldable’ by thought where belief and passion are present … however, the most vulnerable of these three components is ‘belief’. For eons humanity has been embedded with the program of ‘limitation’, which has outlined in detail what is possible and what is not. A few have transcended this collective conditioned program and accomplished what most would call ‘the miraculous’, while the vast majority linger in the dark croppy waters of ‘circumstance’ blended with another belief - ‘victimhood’.

Nevertheless, everything you can imagine ‘is’ possible to manifest and experience within this dream… no matter how outrageous it may seem.

In ITs sojourn within the Grand Dream the SELF [the God or Consciousness YOU Really Are] experiences ‘every’ possibility … since IT is cloaked in ‘every’ transient manifestation within the dream while it slumbers behind the clouds of ‘conditioning’. No possibility therefore is withheld from IT. It may go through extreme hardship within one experience and limitless abundance in another. Nature, for example is an obvious example of extreme abundance, while humanity … in its tiny grasp of abundance has descended the deepest into the ‘illusion’ of lack.

None of this is REAL but has the one purpose of allowing the SELF to ‘savor contrast’ while fully experiencing IT SELF. Then, when IT is totally satiated with each experience [IT has had enough], through Divine Discontent beginning with suffering, then followed by surrender, IT [YOU] returns to full Conscious Awareness of the ONE God IT/YOU Are.

Refer to “FROM MAGICIAN TO MASTER” by John Mcintosh for more details

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