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Change is a function of the belief in separation and appears everywhere within the world/universe that most casually accept as reality. As a result, when viewed through the yardstick of time, the concept of evolution seems natural … and the evidence ‘is’ compelling. The idea of ‘spiritual growth’ then seems normal. Again, the proof is convincing that there is a ‘gradual development’ of awareness from self-centered to self-actualized living. This distraction is an insidiously ‘simple’ idea that has diverted the SELF [You Are] from IT SELF for eons.

This diversion keeps ‘attention’ firmly placed ‘out there’ on the time and space related experience of linear living that speaks of a long and arduous ‘path’ to the Freedom of Self Realization [Awareness that You Are the SELF]. This is why questioning ‘who it is’ that is growing is so powerful. When the future recipient of this badge of ‘perfection’ is called into doubt the entire structure of self development begins to crumble. This personal identity, this ‘mask-made-real’ dissolves very quickly when the Light of your questioning-Attention is pointed at its flimsy made-up existence.


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