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The Self simply ‘is’ … complete and whole … IT does not evolve. YOU ‘are’ the SELF disguised, believing at some level that you are NOT ‘yet’ the SELF or NOT ‘yet’ totally the SELF. This arose due to the deeply ingrained belief in the possibility of separation. From there the belief in the concept of ‘evolution’ appeared … a ‘stair-step’ from a mortal human being eventually to Divinity. Since the false self also believes it is highly flawed and limited, it seems reasonable that some sort of evolutionary ‘growth’ process must be going on to change ‘it’ beyond this little being … ‘and’, there seems to be ample evidence that this is true when one looks at the history of so called masters and sages who were once just human.

However, those who have remembered [realized] the True SELF did not do so through some ‘process’ of becoming Divine. Rather, they had the Truth of Who They Really Are [SELF-GOD-Consciousness] ‘revealed’. This Awareness unfolded naturally as the conditioning-like clouds hiding the ever-Present sun, dissolved. This very simple Awareness arose once the complete and total commitment ‘to’ it - NO MATTER WHAT existed. When one’s focus is singularly directed toward Truth, it is certain IT ‘will’ reveal IT SELF ‘to’ IT SELF [YOU].


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