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Like the aperture of a camera, more and more Light enters as Awareness ‘EXPANDS’. The Light or ONE SELF does not change … only the Awareness ‘of’ IT expands. For most of humanity the concepts emanating from the belief in separation dominates their Awareness. Talk about good and evil, the perpetrators of evil being punished and God winning proliferate everywhere … particularly from those who have some understanding of the current global ‘dream-narrative’. The contradiction in these kinds of statements with ONE-ness escapes most of them because their Awareness is centered on ‘fixing’ the story, which is impossible since it is an illusion.

The narrative can and indeed ‘will’ shift from an oppressive dream to a happy dream in the coming few years but it will still be a ‘dream’. This represents a very limited Awareness, despite the well-meaning-ness of those who are ‘trying’ to make the story better. Nevertheless, the planet and humanity are now firmly into the early moments of an Age of Peace and Light and ALL will be exposed to more and more intense levels of the ‘ONE Light’ They Are and Awareness ‘will’ expand in spite of the very narrow aperture that currently exits.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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