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Consistent thoughts are ‘grooves’ through which the infinite power of the ONE SELF flows - manifesting illusions, while IT occupies the Grand Dream. If you [as the slumbering God-SELF [false self]] ‘point’ a persistent thought toward anything, the groove it manifests nourishes that thing like a canal in a farm or a sewer in a city. The intensity [passion] of the focus is like a ‘valve’ that expands or contracts the flow of power. Much of humanity has been ‘passionately’ directing their ‘collective focus’ toward a ‘story’ laden with fear and foreboding, expanding the seeds that have been nourished by that global focus. The ‘delusion’ of that story matters not … the story and the inevitable manifestations of it to date, have expanded due to that focus.

Many, now however, are questioning the story whose narrative contradicts itself at every turning page. That ‘questioning’ has circumvented the influence of the power and the story is ‘collapsing’. As that occurs, ancient darkness, hidden in plain sight, is being exposed. So deep is this darkness that it will ‘shake’ the deepest sleepers and that shaking will open NEW canals where Light will flow and Beauty Expand. It is a dream to be sure - NOT real … the old one ‘or’ the new emerging one. But it ‘is’ a happier dream, in which the Expanding Beauty will turn the focus of many - within toward Truth.

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