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As an era of Peace rapidly unfolds, with it comes an expansion of Light. The Light [ONE SELF] never changes, only the Awareness ‘of’ IT. This throws deeper and darker shadows against the backdrop of one’s experience, ‘exposing’ “who you are NOT”. These mirrors are dark and can be terrifying as they manifest more and more deeply hidden and ancient illusory blocks to the ONE SELF You Are. It is a bitter-sweet moment when that which has held the slumbering God-SELF captive for eons can no longer hide behind blindly accepted limitations … the SELF You Are ‘has none’ and is always Free in ‘all ways’.

Your ‘resolve’ to ‘face’ each mirrored illusion is the ever-Present key that unlocks a prison door that was ‘never’ there … only believed into existence by the conditioning that defines ‘all’ illusions in the Grand Dream. Shy away from no dark spectre and you will ‘see’ that its existence was always of your own mind-making.

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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