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-Consciousness ‘is’ the SELF, Who You Really Are.

-It is also what constitutes the manifested universe … including your body.

-While this is a ‘projection’ [‘on’ IT SELF] and therefore NOT ‘real’, it is how IT knows and plays with IT SELF.

-Attention ‘on’ Consciousness [I AM THAT I AM], which is ‘devotion or surrender’, ‘expands’ IT in your Awareness and as a result, in your experience - ‘as’ YOU.

-This is ‘identification with’ Truth – Who You Really Are.

When combined with Self Inquiry, the false self [body-mind-identity] is ‘exposed’ and recedes back into the SELF or Consciousness from where it originated. This is therefore ‘shrinking’ the Awareness of what is NOT real and ‘expanding’ what ‘is’ Real.

You will KNOW this as a profound and expanding ‘lightness of Being’, where the cares of the world are increasingly experienced as ‘disconnected’. As this ‘swells’ - fear fades and gradually the world is recognized ‘clearly’ as NOT real.

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