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The false self hides in plain view ‘as’ you. It is the person you call yourself, the individual identity most people believe is who they are. Its NOT missing and doesn’t hide in the conventional way because it is usually NOT looked for. If all your life you were told and everyone agreed that black was white you would not easily be persuaded that it was NOT, you might even laugh at such an absurd idea. The false self therefore need not defend its role as ‘you’ since virtually everyone agrees that it is ‘you/them’.

It is not until the false self begins to be exposed ‘as false’ that it starts to hide, and this occurs by subtly slipping into more and more ethereal costumes as your search for the Real YOU deepens. It even masquerades as your friendly spiritual detective … but “the [false self] seeks but never finds” [ACIM] … since finding means its death.

Rather than attempting to ‘still the mind’ through a multitude of practices and disciplines ‘Self Inquiry’ asks the question; “for whom do these thoughts arise?” [virtually any mind activity], followed by; “Who am I?” This ultra simple vigilance ‘exposes’ the false self’s ‘conditioned existence’, which makes up the individual false identity called you. This ‘isolates’ it since it then becomes increasingly exposed and because it cannot live in ‘seclusion’ it withdraws deeper and deeper into Silence eventually sinking completely back into the Real “I” or God-SELF You Are … never to return. This, or the slightly modified ‘Self Discovery’ is the most ‘direct route’ to your Freedom.

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