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Nothing occurs within the Grand Dream most call reality that is NOT somehow tied to one’s Freedom. Everything is oriented toward that single focus. The swing of the pendulum within this illusory world suggests a concept of ‘opposites’ including failure and success, and each thought, word and deed arising within the dream of time and space emanates from the false notion of separation.

Truth is ONE and only ONE containing no opposites [otherwise it would ‘not’ be ONE] … but the projection of the Grand Dream on the blank screen of Consciousness [another name for ONE] allows for the illusion of all manner of opposites, with a multitude of tones and gradations between them. It is this plethora of ‘seeming’ opposites that the conflict and chaos of one’s conditioning plays out, ultimately bringing the false self to its knees after innumerable and frustrated attempts to reconcile and balance these opposites.

This exhaustion, collapse and ultimate surrender is the blessing ‘hidden’ within the Grand Dream that allows the Light of Truth to shine through this ‘chink in the false self’s armour’ so that the slumbering God-SELF can remember who IT Really Is.

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