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‘YOU’ [the Real YOU] are not affected at all by either fate or free will. These are concepts existing only in the illusion of the world the personal identity experiences. The ‘karma’ of this and past lives, which also exists only in the illusion, manifests fate and free will. There seems to be a tug-of-war for control between this personal identity and some unknown power … “perhaps God or destiny” ‘the person’ suspects, resents and attempts to dominate through concentrated effort of the mind.

‘All’ such resistance increases that which one wishes to eliminate and thereby perpetuates it. As a result of all past actions within the dream everything is ‘predestined’ while one sleep-walks ‘throug’h the dream of person-hood … the individual separated ‘false self’. No amount of planning to change circumstances has any effect at all on what will happen. The only escape from this ‘phantom prison’ is to finally and fully awaken ‘from’ it.

The God-SELF You Are knows nothing of free will or fate and has no destiny … there is nothing destined because there is no time. All is Silent, Still, Empty and what does occur simply springs into existence spontaneously in the Now moment. This is abhorrent to the false self who must have constant ‘contrast’ to ‘feel alive’ no matter what the cost and this is due to the conditioning [attachments, expectations and identities] which defines it. Your unencumbered YES to ‘What Is’ … is your way out of this closed loop.

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