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Humanity is in the midst of an enormous SHIFT where the illusion of ‘separation’, with its myriad of opposites, and the chaos, confusion and conflict that emanate from that belief, are in full bloom.

Fear, stress and tension permeate the atmosphere for most and everywhere there seems to be ‘validation’ that what is feared is only the tip of the iceberg of the gloom and doom to come. While there ‘is’ in deed much suffering, it is much like a simple ‘flu’ where the temperature rises, and the body’s natural defense system accelerates to neutralize any imbalance.

What is occurring now ‘is’ this neutralization of eons of imbalances and this process produces ‘collapse’ of the systems and structures that maintained and fostered the tyranny that those imbalances produced. The mind embraces the ‘enemy it knows’ while resisting the NEW and thereby increases its suffering.

The advocates of doom parade their false anxiety-filled-stories and prophecies through every communication system available, expanding the control-oriented fear messages, but … FEAR NOT – NONE of their narratives are true. Beneath the litany of these lies is a Bright New Era, where the playing field for ALL is level opening each one to possibilities only few have imagined.

Very few realize that they are ‘dreaming’ … no different than nite-time dreams but with a certain continuity. Even in that dream what is unfolding – and IT IS CERTAIN … is a world of Light and Love and Peace. Be assured that this Happy Dream ‘is’ upon you NOW and will very soon become obvious - even to the most hardened sceptic.


SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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