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When you finally choose Freedom NO MATTER WHAT the True SELF, the individuated God you ‘Are’ recognizes this choice and it can seem that Life gets much more difficult. This is due to the Open-ness you have become to Life and Life ‘knows’ what you so-called ‘need’ to become Aware of in each Moment to reveal Truth … the Freedom you ‘Are’. Your world then mirrors what needs to be ‘fully felt’ and embraced. This is genuine Self Love. Your conditioning will manifest everywhere and this can be very challenging. It may seem your world has gone ‘crazy’ [or crazier] as pockets of ugliness and conflict and chaos seem to flood into your experiences.

This is the Surrender aspect of Self Inquiry/Surrender. Feelings will initially be directly tied to the story-dramas occurring. If for example, you feel hatred or judgment or revenge or sorrow, simply allow them to come up … they are not ‘who’ you are. Beneath these feelings and the stories that triggered them will be intangible feelings such as guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness. At this point use Self Inquiry.

“Who is it that feels unworthy?” “Me.” “Who am I?”

The false self will recoil a little more toward the SELF each time you ‘do’ this and the clouds that have hidden the Real YOU will disperse until only the SELF remains.


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