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If you have said YES to Freedom NO MATTER WHAT … this gives the ONE SELF You Really Are ‘permission’ to ‘bring it on’. Every opportunity that brings you closer to the Awareness that You ‘are’ the ONE SELF and that there ‘is’ nothing else but the ONE SELF … will be presented … as a blessing, not as a curse as is often felt when one is ‘standing in the fire of who they are NOT’. The feeling of going insane or ‘losing your mind’ is very common during this intense phase before absolute Freedom comes to BE.

‘Losing the mind ‘is’ the point. The mind in its rightful position is an ‘operating system’, without which the body would cease to be immediately. But as the thief that has usurped the throne of your Real identity ‘as’ the ONE SELF, is a tyrant. The removal of this imposter as who you believe you are … ‘is’ the point. It … this false self identity, must dissolve and ‘that’ feels like dying or of going insane many times before it is gone for good. Embrace this as the greatest blessing that is possible while you still dream.

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