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Beyond the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter, one need not have concern about what unfolds … even then ‘concern’ [fear] has no place in the manifestation of these requirements for the continuity of the body since ALL is provided for when you simply allow Life to Live Life - few do this as yet. The false self has a vast array of desires that it hopes and schemes and struggles to attain, which it believes will make its life ‘better’. The comfort, safety and security of the body is paramount in its belief system and its reason for ‘being’ is way down a lengthy list of priorities, ‘if’ it is there at all.

PEACE and JOY are alternative names for the ONE SELF - [Who You Really Are] … not ‘have’ but ‘are’. There is a huge difference between having something and BEING something since what one has can be taken away. It is your natural ‘state’ to experience an unbroken flow of Who You Are without ‘doing’ anything … provided the mind [the false self body mind identity (person)] stays out of the way.

Whether it is your pre-destiny based on the conditioning you came in with, to experience austerity or opulence is irreverent … what will be WILL be no matter what the false self does. What alone matters, your one True Purpose, is to fully Awaken to Who You Really Are - after that the Real Life begins.

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