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The bondage of the body-mind-identity has been long and deep but never so imprisoned as with the educated mind that believes Truth can be discovered through ‘thought and analysis’. Analysing Truth is like trying to capture a cloud in your hands. All philosophy falls under this ‘spell’, filled with ideas, concepts, perspectives, conjecture and complicated explanations. Truth is ‘revealed’ through your FEELING Nature [not to be confused with emotions, which are the instruments of the mind]. Feelings ‘Know’ while emotions have a wide range of descriptions coloured by one’s own individual and unique conditioning.

The Feeling Nature is your ‘Intuition’ [the SELF], which cannot be ‘thought’ into being where it will show you ITs revelations. IT simply speaks spontaneously in the moment and provides ‘full blown visions’ that are like Light shining through the infinite facets of the diamond of Truth. The Intuition cannot be ‘learned’ … it simply IS and instantly connects [yet without distance or time] to what is Real.

IT is NOT something you develop through spiritual practices … nothing that is Real can be improved – only discovered as an ever-Present aspect of Who you Really Are. Always, Truth is about ‘discovery’, not development since Truth has never NOT ‘been’ … and YOU ‘Are’ Truth. The simplest way-less way is to dissolve what is NOT Truth so that IT may shine fully throughout your Conscious Awareness is Self Inquiry/Surrender … the direct route Home.

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