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Prior to a stage performance, orchestra members are engaged in ‘tuning up’. This can sound like a company of scorched cats as they tune and practice before the concert. If you step back from your life experiences and notice the many players and events that have paraded across the stage of dreams during those clock-years, consider each one as if it was a specific instrument playing in a symphony called ‘Your Freedom’.

Listening ‘individually’ to each player-event may often have sounded [felt] like those scorched cats.

However, as the Freedom-concert draws near, all the instruments ‘fall silent’ … this is like the Silence of the inward-focused-attention that occurs prior to the full awakening to the SELF … the God You Are. Some ‘whispers’ of conditioning may be heard like a cough or a shuffle in the audience and catch your attention for a moment, but when the conductor [SELF] You Are raises ITs baton/Light, every instrument [player/event that occurred in your life experience] becomes ‘Still’ and Awareness expands that each and every player/event in your life-dream was an integral part of a perfectly exquisite symphony … nothing was ‘ever’ out of place - NOT one single note of it.

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