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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Forgiveness is never for someone else … it is always for you. Guilt, shame and remorse lie at the very foundation of the conditioning that defines the ‘made-up’ false-self-identity or person most people believe they are. Forgiveness has been a way of ‘decongesting’ these stuck programs so that they may be seen, felt, embraced and transformed back into the nothingness from which they sprang. When you carry resentment for a perceived grievance, the weight is on ‘you’ … the so-called perpetrator may at that moment not even have any awareness of their error. ‘Their conditioning’ is uniquely their own and your forgiveness is NOT required to dissolve it. Each one must look within at their own conditioning born in the fiery cauldron of dreams.

At some point each one may crave forgiveness ‘outside’ but ‘again’ … it is the individual who is forgiving or breaking up their own ‘stuck’ conditioning … never any ‘outside’ power … although they may believe such a thing exists. Then … eventually, each one realizes that forgiveness is NOT necessary … “God does not forgive because [IT] has never condemned” – [ACIM]. Within the grand dream … nothing is ‘really’ happening and there is nothing to condemn or forgive. It is the mind that makes up perpetrators and victims and the endless dramas that seem to require forgiveness as a result.

When you choose the ‘direct route’ Home to Who You Really Are, your Attention is constantly turned inward, and the activities of the false self are seen as the phantoms they are to be burned away through the ‘growing Awareness’ of the Light that You Are.

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