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Newfound Freedom often takes a period of integration where your long-folded wings open little by little, testing not the ability to fly but your acceptance of the limitlessness that now lies before you. You have become very accustomed to the false security of the prison bars surrounding and enfolding you in their seductive lies of protection and the safety of limitation.

When you are soaring Free again you will embrace anonymity away from the noise of the endless dramas that stood at the ‘now open door’ of your self-imposed confinement. Silence, Stillness and Aloneness are your new companions as you embrace the sanctity of boundlessness where no wall has ever been.

You know that you are ONE, lacking nothing, without even the concept of loneliness. How could ONE be anything but alone and yet Full, Complete and Whole, needing nothing, requiring no validation or confirmation, unconditioned as the Love You Are - Free at last.

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