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While you still ‘believe’ this dream is reality the concept of ‘free will’ seems to exist and indeed can appear to be manifesting as you make decisions and choices. However, everything is predestined, and you were simply following a ‘groove’ established by that conditioned destiny … usually unconsciously but often through some longing, yearning or urge to do this or that. The suffering that accompanies resisting ‘What Is’ [the manifested destiny] brings about [eventually], a capitulation where surrender ensues. This does not end the destiny, but it does end the suffering as surrender leads to the Awareness that there is no such a thing as victims.

If genuine NO MATTER WHAT surrender does occur, then it was your destiny to shift onto what may be considered the ‘fast track’ [there is no actual track or path] to Freedom. Many incarnated in the refined energies of this era have this destiny.

Everything ‘in’ the grand dream ‘is’ a dream including ‘free will’. The presence of ancient conditioning [karma] manifests all circumstances within the dream until one steps off the wheel of conditioning [Self Realization]. No matter what conditioning may remain after that [which can only exist within the time/space of the grand dream], that conditioning cannot touch what is Real, because Reality is timeless and boundless. It is much like waking from a nightmare where you were about to be executed and suddenly you are somewhere completely different [the daytime dream] … except that in this case dreaming has ceased.

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